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SEAT Ibiza - Front view of the car driving


It’s yours for the taking.

The city is your playground. Explore it in style. Faster and further. So, where are we going next?

SEAT Ibiza - Front headlight

Sharper lines

What’s wrong with showing off?

Here's to trying something new. To a bold, savvy design. Permission to show off.

SEAT Ibiza - LED headlight

Full LED headlights

Love. Emotion. Dancing.

Light up the night with Full LED lights. You're going to have a brilliant time.

SEAT Ibiza - Steering wheel and navigation system

Interior design

Grow up? Never.

There's a whole world out there to discover with the Ibiza. But inside you'll also find plenty of surprises. Like a sleek new dashboard, customisable colour ways, adjustable mood lighting and even more space to play with. So go play.

SEAT Ibiza - Alloy wheel

Alloy Wheels

Let’s roll.

Alloy brings lightness and strength. Galvanised and fresh. In your choice of design.

SEAT Ibiza - Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting

Your happy place.

Red & white ambient lighting helps you find the perfect balance. Your hi-tech zen button.

SEAT Ibiza - Front seats


Want change? Experiment.

Find the fabrics and finishing touches just for you. The fun’s only getting started.

SEAT Ibiza - Front interior of the car


Why wait for tomorrow?

It’s all right here, right now. The 8” touchscreen is loaded with the latest SEAT technology. To help you navigate the city, and your life, seamlessly.

SEAT Ibiza - Digital cockpit

Digital Cockpit

What will you do with full control?

The Digital Cockpit makes every trip easy. Making it memorable is up to you.

SEAT Ibiza - Navigation system


Your centre of command.

The 8” touchscreen keeps you fully connected and in control at all times. Look no further.

SEAT Ibiza - Start/Stop engine button

More technology

KESSY Keyless Enter and Go

Get in and get going in a heartbeat. The start/stop button illuminates as your Ibiza unlocks automatically on your approach. Just press it to start the engine and you’re off.

SEAT Ibiza - Driving profile selector

More technology

SEAT Drive Profile

Want to cruise? Relax. Feeling sporty? Opt for the Sport mode. Like it your own way? Fine. Drive Profile means every drive in your Ibiza is exactly how you want it. Set the mode and enjoy.

SEAT Ibiza - Rear view camera

More technology

Rear View Camera

A helping hand when reversing, the Rear View Camera projects an image on your dashboard showing you which way to steer. When everything's nicely lined up, just guide your Ibiza into place. Safe, comfortable, and easy.

SEAT Ibiza - Side view of the car


Keep calm. Drive on.

Time to unwind. The SEAT Ibiza is designed to keep you safe and sound, so you’re free to focus on the big picture. Like how much fun you’re having.

SEAT Ibiza - Airbag locations


Breathe easy.

Smart driver and passenger airbags protect against all possibilities. Drive in safe hands.

SEAT Ibiza - Safety display

Stay safe

You’ve got backup.

Speed control. Emergency braking. Tiredness recognition. For whatever the road brings you.

SEAT Ibiza - Anti swerve technology

Electronic Stability Control

Taking care of business.

At the first sign of a slip the Ibiza automatically slows down, stopping any dangerous skids in their tracks.

SEAT Ibiza - Car holding still on incline

Hill Hold Control

The sky’s the limit. Keep on climbing.

Keep on climbing. Hill Hold Control makes hill starts easy, with no fear of rolling back.

SEAT Ibiza - Tyre pressue check display

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Take on the road with confidence.

Want to drive like you mean it? Your Ibiza's tyres can handle the pressure.


Choose your


  • 15" 'Enjoy' alloy wheels
  • 6.5” colour touchscreen
  • Metallic Paint
  • Air conditioning

Starting from £16,445

Build & Price

SE Technology

  • 16" 'Design' alloy wheels
  • 8" colour touchscreen display
  • Navigation System
  • Voice control

Starting from £17,225

Build & Price


  • 17” 'Dynamic' alloy wheels
  • FR sports seats in Nora black FR cloth
  • LED headlights
  • Dual-zone climate control

Starting from £18,705

Build & Price

FR Sport

  • 18" 'Performance' alloy wheels
  • Digital cockpit
  • Microsuede upholstery

Starting from £19,505

Build & Price


  • 17" 'Dynamic' alloy wheels
  • Rear parking sensors
  • LED headlights
  • KESSY (Keyless entry & go)

Starting from £19,705

Build & Price


  • Front & rear parking sensors
  • Rear view camera
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Digital cockpit

Starting from £20,535

Build & Price